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Practical, reliable and efficient

First specialized in the manufacture of folding tents, LPTENT has developed technical and functional expertise to offer the best product on the market.

Several ranges meet all customer needs and expectations.
The instant deployment tent system offers a very good user-friendliness and has totally redesigns the uses of this type of event structures.

Easy to assemble, transport and store, the folding tent is an indispensable tool for reception, shelter and advertising.

Every event requires this type of structure, which opens up an infinite scope of possibilities in terms of commercial development.
Tente pliante Lptent en situation


Fun, modern and attractive

Ideal to boost visibility on events, inflatable tents are a modern alternative to be differentiated.

Widely used in events, brand communication and street-marketing, inflatable tents create a strong visual impact.
Inflatable tents uses the "captive air" system, a technological innovation that allows an autonomous inflation and a good reliability.

LPTENT has taken great care to develop this product, using captive air technology, and resistant materials, to ensure good reliability even in outdoor use (wind resistance, UV / rain / fire protection).

Easy to install (2-3 minutes inflation) and to transport, it is a new nomadic way to receive and communicate, much appreciated.
Tente gonflables


Communicate and mark out the terrain

The essential tool of all events (especially sports), to mark out the terrain and allow brands and organizations to be visible on strategic points.

LPTENT offers a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit every need, and offers many customization options (structure printing).

Our arches use "captive air" technology, for simplicity (contrary to the continuous flow) and more safety (fire resistant, depressurization valve). The materials guarantee structure reliability (PVC 740g / m², protection and reinforcement) for a better longevity.


Modern, reliable and customizable

Each event requires the use of event furniture, indoors or outdoors. LPTENT offers a wide range of standard products (table, folding chair) as well as a range of customized furniture for communication.

The objective of our ranges is to guarantee the robustness of the material and a simplicity of use (foldable system, easy storage).
To enable professionals to enhance their brand or event, we offer personalized furniture (printing) that opens up an infinite field of possibilities.

The inflatable furniture and the lycra covered furniture are communication solutions, integrated into the global installation.

Modern and fun, this type of furniture allows a comfortable reception and a good way to develop a brand image through personalization.


Perfect for communicating

To help our customers communicate, LPTENT has integrated a wide range of communication media consisting of oriflamme, totem, rollup, kakemono, banner, etc ...

A selection of 100% customizable advertising products, in the colors of your organization or your brand.

Complementary products to personalize its stand and develop its reputation. Our communication media brings an enhancement of the image of our customers, in order to boost their influence on their various events.

LPTENT has a graphic studio, for the creation and shaping of the on-request visuals.


Printing at the service of communication

Equipped with a latest generation machine park, LPTENT has developed its offer of printed materials, with complementary products, more qualitative.

Our UV printing machines (eco-latex ink) and our digital cutting tables allow the realization of all printed canvas.
Through our tools, we can print and make tarpaulins in large format (no size limit). An asset to meet the specific demands of customers.

Printable materials are PVC, polyester, microperforated and non-woven fabric, mesh, lycra, vinyl...
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