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Sport addicts

A very dynamic market, where brands and organizers have great needs in communication media and event structure.

Historically, LPTENT is very active in this market, and shares sport values: performance, rigor and competition. LPTENT brand has built its notoriety in the Karting, Rally and Cycling business.

Now, the company equips most of the car racing teams, and the major sports brands (stables, manufacturers, distributors). LPTENT is Partner and Official Supplier of the most prestigious sports and events federation (FFSA, French Championship of Rally & Karting, Bike Festival, Bol d'or moto, circuit Paul Ricard...).

Finally, patronage and sponsorship are good way to develop the brand through numerous partnerships.


Successful Events

The event market is a very important market, so dynamic. Agencies, event organizers and reception venues have a lots of needs.

Every event that happens in the world (festival, reception, event, party) requires receptive structures, whether indoors or outdoors. Event organizers expect our equipment to meet all standards in order to receive the public in complete safety.

LPTENT's experience in this sector, and our expertise in this type of structure, are a guarantee for the success of events. We purpose a wide range of event products, neutral or customizable, which perfectly meet the expectations of our partners.
Successful Events


Communicating and being eye-catching

Brands are in demand for solutions to be able to show their offer and spread their image through street-marketing actions.

Folding tent or inflatable tent are a real advantage for mobility, and to be as close as possible to its customers on local operations.

All our products are 100% customizable, to allow customers to have a stand in their image, and thus their brand, their universe or their product offering. Our graphic studio is proactive for visual creation, according to the customer or agency briefing.

Many modularity and options (including communication media) are available to create a complete stand.
STREET MARKETING Communicating and being eye-catching


Enhancing local dynamism

To promote the attractiveness of the city centers, and to enhance the local actions, communities are equipped with folding tents and event equipment.

LPTENT is a partner, at the service of the revitalization of the center of the municipalities, and offer some practical, efficient and aesthetic solutions.

The life of the city is made up of various events, to gather its citizens and strengthen the social bond. By equipping themselves with materials, communities develop their autonomy and their capacity to organize events.

Ceremony, inauguration, reception, market, local event, committee of the festivals ... Many occasions to succeed its events with the LPTENT material.
COMMUNITIES Enhancing local dynamism


Highlight your products

With a strong presence in the itinerant merchant’s sector, LPTENT offers products adapted to highlight the products of its customers and facilitate their implementation.

Professional travelling salesman have precise requirements and constraints, particularly in terms of practicality, reliability, and modularity.

The installation must be fast and convenient, and the equipment must be simple to use, to allow shopkeepers to deploy their stand in the best conditions.

Intensive use of equipment requires reliable and robust products, and the weather conditions in which it is used require optimum resistance (wind, rain, insulation).

LPTENT offers a wide range of options for modularity, comfort, and complementary products to meet the needs of embellishing and stand personalization (printing, communication medium, etc.).
MARKETS Highlight your products


Rescue tent for Emergency

Every second counts, and emergencies require rapid intervention and reliable equipment that can be adapted to all types of terrain.

LPTENT has developed modular solutions adapted to the needs of emergency professionals, with efficient and reliable emergency tents, that complies with safety standards in force (CTS certification, M2 fire resistance, wind resistance, etc.).

Instant deployment and effortless" systems make installation quick and easy. A lots of modularity options are available to adapt the tent to various situations.

The LPTENT equipment respond to several needs
Rescue tent for Emergency
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